Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movie Marketing 101

Possibly to justify the monthly subscription fee and the many hours I've devoted to watching Law & Order: SVU, I like to think that I've learned a lot about the movie business through my Instant Netflix subscription. For example, I recently became aware of a surefire movie marketing strategy for poster design. It is this:

Title: "The (noun reflecting a group of certain kind of individual)"
Graphic: The torso of one of those individuals, who is ripping away his or her clothing.
Tagline: Something related to business that sounds like it's trying to be a play on words but isn't actually a play on words at all.

I'm pretty sure this formula will come in handy when I design the poster for my future blockbuster hit, "The Superheroes," "The Strippers" or "The Victims of Cardiac Arrest Who Need To Have That Shock Thing Done On Their Chests."