Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pizza Hut finally stops insisting what it sells has anything to do with pizza...

In a move to update its image for the mobile generation, Pizza Hut is rebranding and will now be known simply as "The Hut". Leaders at the company are convinced that this move will serve them well in the end, changing consumer expectations so there will be no disappointment when the food they are served is more reminiscent of a rickety old shack than of an actual pizza pie.

Monday, June 8, 2009

eHows that bite off more than they can chew, part II

So this is technically a wikiHow, but the point remains:

5/8/09: How to Cheer Up

Get the f*ck over it in just 8 easy steps! Also, from the "tips" section:

"Learning How to Be Optimistic is a good way to ensure cheeriness in the long run."

In other news, the #1 'How To' over at is "How to Clean a Dog's Ears"

It's clearly a renter's market

Check out this apartment in Chelsea for only $1600 a month! Now you can conveniently scrub and scramble with ease!

I miss apartment hunting.